In order to provide comfortable, fast, safe and high quality transportation services to the citizens of İzmir and to our guests who visit İzmir, some rules of travel are implemented on the tram line and its nearby surroundings, at the stations and in the trams.
İzmir Metro Joint Stock Company expects everyone to obey the travel rules. Those who do not obey the rules are warned by Private Security Forces and those who insist on not obeying the rules are reported to the law enforcement officers.
In order to travel with İzmir Tram;
  1. Except for the employees and those with a free pass card, you need to have a city card (İzmirimkart) or an electronic ticket. Kids between the ages of 0 to 6 can travel free of charge accompanied by their parents. Since primary school, every student can obtain a personal student card with a photo in order to benefit from the reduced price on public transportation.
  2. Disabled citizens must have a disabled card that is given by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies in order to benefit from the free pass right. Those who have the right to accompany a disabled citizen must have a companion card and can only use it while accompanying a disabled citizen while travelling.
  3. Students and teachers can have cards from the ESHOT Cards Directorate of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to benefit from the reduced transportation price. They need to show their personal cards while passing the ticket barriers. Those with the free pass cards must show their cards to the officials in order to travel free of charge.
  4. The cards that are invalid or fake are taken away and those in possession are not allowed to pass from the ticket barriers.
In the trams and at the stations;
  1. It is forbidden to act in a way that will jeopardize people’s lives. It is mandatory to follow the instructions made by the officials during emergency evacuations.
  2. It is forbidden to smoke, eat or drink (except for water) anything and throw rubbish to the stations and trams.
  3. In order to get on the tram easily, you should wait for the passengers to get off the tram. In order to not prevent other from getting on or off the trams, you cannot stand in front of the doors. It is forbidden to act in a manner that will prevent the opening and closing of the doors.
  4. It is forbidden to travel very drunk and behave disorderly that will jeopardize other people’s lives.
  5. Except for caged pets, it is forbidden to get on the tram with pets. It is also forbidden to take pictures and shoot videos.
  6. It is forbidden to make noise, talk loudly on the phone and listen to music loudly at the stations and in the trams.
  7. It is forbidden to spit on the floor and throw rubbish. It is also forbidden to sit and wait for long hours except for the aim of travelling.
  8. It is forbidden to act in a way that will disturb other passengers. It is also forbidden to sit in more than one seat.
  9. Only the permitted institutions can hang posters on the permitted areas. Except for the permitted institutions, no one can hang posters and hand out leaflets. The posters on the permitted areas cannot be pulled off, torn or changed.
  10. It is forbidden to make mass demonstrations, illegal demonstrations or propaganda in the trams.
  11. Trade of game of chance or hazard, hawking and marketing held for trading and promotional activities are forbidden.
  12. Mendicity is forbidden in and around the trams. The 90 minute transfer system right cannot be transferred to other passengers and cannot be demanded.
  13. While getting on and off the tram, priority is given to the disabled citizens, the elderly, pregnant women and women with babies.
  14. Lost properties that are found at the stations and in the trams are given to the officials.
  1. Private Security Forces at the stations can control suspicious people and packages for the sake of other people’s safety. In suspicious situations, passengers are not allowed to get on the trams. If they insist on getting on the tram, security forces are called.
  2. It is dangerous and forbidden to go down to the tram line and pass the tram line when the trams approach the stations.
  3. Only the officials and permitted people can enter areas at the stations marked with a “Do not enter” sign.
  4. It is forbidden to get on the trams with a gun (except for the carrier licensed guns and the officials at the stations need to be informed), a shot gun or any other sharp objects.
  5. It is forbidden to travel with big packages that will prevent the movement of the passengers. It is also forbidden to travel with explosive, combustive, explosive, inflammable, breakable or powdery materials.
  6. When you come across an emergency situation such as a fire, a seizure, an attack, harassment or any situation that requires an emergency health response, use the emergency stop handle in the vehicles, the emergency call phones at the stations or warn the official. Those who use them out of their purpose will be fined.
  7. In non-operating hours, it is forbidden to enter, hide, sleep or wait in the trams and at the stations or their surroundings.
  8. All on-road vehicles are forbidden to park on the tram lines, including stopovers.
  9. It is forbidden to do any work with construction equipments, cranes, ladders or rotary hammer drills on the tram lines and its route without getting permission from İzmir Tram.
  10. It is forbidden to damage the İzmir Tram rail system line, signalization system, vehicles and seats.
In order to help us develop our services, you can send your requests, opinions, proposals and complaints to www.İzmirmetro.com, www.tramİzmir.com, info@tramİzmir.com, info@İzmirmetro.com.tr .